How To Sharpen Darts: A Guide To Keeping Your Darts Top Notch

Have you noticed a drop in your game, or found that your darts seem to be bouncing out a lot more than usual? There's a good chance you need to learn how to sharpen darts.

It doesn't matter if you're using a luxury brand dart or a more affordable dart that you quickly picked up on your way out of the local sports store, all darts need an equal amount of maintenance.

You're probably asking yourself  the common questions of  'how often should I sharpen my darts?' and 'just how sharp should darts really be?' The good news is, we have the answers.

When properly sharpened, your darts should have no burrs, and be neither too sharp/pointy, nor too blunt.

You can use a regular sharpening tool to sharpen and shape your darts to a pointy yet rounded dart as a dart should be.

How to sharpen darts

What Happens If My Darts Are Blunt?

If your darts are blunt, then you will probably start to notice that they bounce out of your dart board a lot more frequently.

Blunt darts can also wear out your dart board due to them pushing the fibers of your dart board together, rather than spreading them apart, as a properly sharpened dart would do.

Can Darts Be Too Sharp?

Yes - your darts can also be too sharp. If you're wondering if your darts are too sharp, then very carefully run the tip of your finger over the point of your dart. If it feels like a needle pin tip and that it could potentially pierce your skin, then your darts are in fact too sharp, which can be just as bad as a blunt dart.

Similar to a blunt dart, a dart that is too sharp can also bounce out, and cause damage to your dart board.

Your dart also runs the risk of chipping at the spider of your dart board when hit.

What Can I Buy A Good Sharpener?

Dart sharpeners are generally reasonably priced, and can be picked up for under $10.00 on Amazon.