Dart Board Measurements Guide: Correct Dart Board Height & Distance

Having the correct dart board height and distance is a key part to setting up your dart board, but firstly, it is a granted that you should make certain that your dart board is setup is in an area of your house that is out of harms way, away from any breakables, and contains enough room to allow for the necessary measurements.

Having the correct dart board setup is a key aspect to improving your game, and any practice made without having the correct dart board height and distance is essentially wasted. As if you're throwing darts from a completely random height/distance at home, when you head down the pub or start playing from regulation distances, your game will feel completely off.

Correct Dart Board Measurements

We frequently get asked what the correct distance and height from a dart board should be, so we have put together this handy little guide for our readers, in order to assist in assuring you have the correct measurement setup.

Once you are certain you have a safe environment to set up your dart board, it is important that you measure up the correct height and distance. In a nutshell, you should follow the following regulations:

Correct Height to Dart Board:

The height of your dart board from the center of the bull to the ground should be 5 ft 8 inches (173cm).

This is the official tournament standard height for both steel tipped and soft tipped darts. We recommend mounting the board at the correct height before the throwing line.

Correct Distance to Dart Board:

The distance from your dart board to the throwing line should be 7 ft 9/14 inches (237cm).

Final Notes & Safety Tips:

As a final precaution once your dart board is set up, it is wise to now measure the distances to confirm everything is correct.

You can do this by measuring the distance from the center of the bullseye to your throwing line. The distances should match the above, confirming you have the correct setup.

It is also important to bare in mind the following safety tips when using your newly setup dart board:

  • Assure your dart board is set up in a safe environment that allows a wide enough area for a crowd while playing. We recommend at least a meter either side,  to assure nobody it at risk from any darts that may bounce out.
  • When possible, try to stick to a carpeted or wooden based flooring. Tiles and cement based floors can potentially damage any darts that miss or reflect off your dart board. It is also wise to place a  proper dart mat down for protection purposes.
  • Ideally,  you should purchase a dart board that comes with a cabinet to protect your walls and allow for easy scoring. If not using a dartboard cabinet, it is advised to place some form of wooden score board/protection behind your dart board.