Best Dart Cases | Keep Your Darts Protected

If you have found yourself looking for the best dart case, then you are probably becoming a more regular darts player and are looking for a reliable way to carry your darts between locations.

A dart case can work as a simple method of transportation for your darts, and prevent them from picking up any unnecessary damage.

That's why we've reviewed the 10 best dart cases and put together this handy list for you to pick the best case that best suits your requirements.

Summary: Best Dart Board 2019

With Casemaster being one of the leading names amongst the dart case industry, you can rest easy knowing that the Casemaster Legion 9 is a serious bit of kit!

The Legion 9 is used by professional dart players throughout various competitions, further extending the trustworthiness of this case.

This is a hard case, and the body is made from aluminum, making it a sturdy piece of equipment, yet also keeping it lightweight and easy to transport between locations.

The case comes with a decent size capacity and can store up to 3 sets of darts - 9 darts in total. It can also hold up to 12 flights and 10 barrels separately.

The Legion 9 is not done there, however - there are also 10 additional mini-compartments and 2 tube-style compartments within the case that can allow for storage for your choice of items such as gloves, additional flights, headphones, and various other accessories.

The double buckle locks on this case also help in providing comfort that your case shall not unexpectedly open.

Overall the Legion 9 is easily one of the best dart cases on the market made by a trustworthy brand that knows what the consumer needs to maintain and transport their darts.

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Sturdy piece of equipment made from aluminum.

Can hold 3 sets of darts

Lots of additional storage compartments.


Possibly a little bulky for some.

Larger flights may not fit in the smaller pockets.


Casemaster Elite Jr. 6 Dart Case

Best Dart Case

The aluminum briefcase design of the Legion 9 isn't for everyone, and that brings us to the Elite Jr. 6, also from Casemaster.

If you are a fan of the Legion 9, but perhaps don't require quite as much storage space, then this case should suit you perfectly. It holds 2 sets (6 total) of darts along with 6 pockets for extra flights.

The case is made from scratch-resistant nylon and comes with a soft, padded interior and is easily opened and closed with a handy zipper attachment.

Included inside the case is a solid foam insert to lock your darts in place, preventing any movement that could otherwise potentially cause damage. You shall also find 2 plastic tubes for storage of additional accessories such as barrels and soft tip darts.

You shall also find a conveniently placed larger pocket that you can potentially store cash and cards in if desired.

With all of this, it's not difficult to see why the Elite Jr. 6 is one of the best dart cases for those looking for a case with a softer interior.

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Plenty of space for storage

Foam inserts prevent darts from moving around


A little bit bulky

Elegant in style, but effective in practice, the Harrows Z800 has rightfully earned its place on this list.

You might have to do a double-take upon the first look of this case to confirm that it is indeed a case for your dart equipment and not a stylish neon-blue wallet.

The case is made from double nylon and is also surrounded by a foam padding, protecting the case from any unexpected falls. Despite this case being made from softer materials, you need not fear that your darts are not properly protected.

The Harrows Z800 can hold up to 2 sets of darts (6 darts in total) and comes with two larger pouches to store additional equipment of your choice.

Despite its wallet-type design, the case comes with a handy carabiner clip that can easily be attached to your belt for easy transportation.

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Stylish design

Can easily carry two sets of darts

Number ring can be moved.


No specific storage sizing for flights/barrels.

The Target Darts Galaxy is a sturdy, reliable case that comes in a stunning black or silver aluminum case.

It comes with hidden magnetic locks, and the inside of the case comes with a reliably padded foam tray to easily insert your dart accessories.

While the case can only hold one full set of darts itself, it has space for 4 additional sets of flights and 2 extra sets of shafts.

All of the above have specific inserts within the foam casing, making it easy to insert them into their necessary spots, and easily be transported around without having to worry about them being damaged.

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Stunning aluminum case

Highly durable

Foam inserts for accessories


Quite bulky considering space inside

The Select 3 case from Casemaster is an excellent choice for those looking for a simple travel case for their darts that can easily be transported in a wallet-style size while holding pretty much everything that you should require.

While this case can only hold one full set of darts, it is well equipped with handy storage space to also carry around additional accessories. It has a total of 9 pockets, 6 of which included are designed to hold flights, along with a handy tube storage space.

The durable nylon shall do a great job in keeping out unwanted moisture, and the case comes with solid foam inserts to keep your darts locked into place and avoid damage.

The case is also available in 2 different colors - blue and pink.

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Small yet durable

Foam inserts avoid damage

Plenty of room for accessories


Nylon cases aren't quite for everybody

Things to consider before purchasing a darts case


The material of your case is certainly an important factor worth keeping in mind pre-purchase.

Hard or soft - it is key that you choose a case that you are confident will have good durability. There are various options when it comes to the best dart case material, so we'll do our best to outline a few below:

Aluminum/ Metal Dart Cases
Aluminum and metal dart cases are the strongest of the dart cases around. They have excellent durability due to their hard outer shell, and usually contain a soft, foam-padded inside protecting your darts and dart accessories from any unexpected drops.

Aluminum dart cases also usually contain a convenient locking mechanism.

The downfall to aluminum dart cases is that they are typically much bulkier and heavier, which some users find a bit inconvenient to carry around.

Nylon Dart Cases
The complete opposite of an aluminum case - nylon dart cases are often small, lightweight, and incredibly easy to transport between locations.

Although they do not have the sturdiness of a metal case, that is not to say that nylon/fabric based dart cases are putting your darts at risk, and often come with convenient pockets and straps to keep your darts in place.

Plastic Dart Cases
Plastic dart cases are generally the cheapest dart cases on the market, and the old saying of 'you get what you pay for' tends to apply to these.

Though  a plastic dart case will do what they need to do in terms of transporting your darts around, they are prone to damage and drops.


Size is yet another key factor in choosing the best dart case for you.

The first question you should ask for is how much storage do you need? How many darts do you plan on carrying, and how many backup accessories do you require?

For most, a case that allows for one whole set of darts is usually sufficient enough. While many dart cases only have room for one full set of darts, there shall usually be more than enough space for additional storage for flights and barrels.


The chosen cases tend to vary in their specifications, so there is no select 'winner' and as noted, each selected case has their pros and cons.

If you're looking for the best dart case for common usage, then the reviewed cases above should provide you with a well versed selection to pick out something that best meets your requirements.